In the liberal arts, exploration and discovery count for everything. For students and scholars of the liberal arts, knowledge and wisdom come from understanding and appreciating both similarities and differences in the world — whether in scientific fields, cultural or religious traditions, or social theories and beliefs. Consequently, they approach the world with profound respect and appreciation for its diversity and seek to understand their place as citizens of this planet.

The College of Arts and Sciences is committed to helping our students, faculty, and staff experience, celebrate, and learn from our diverse community and to encouraging that diversity within their ranks, in the workplace, and in academic discourse.

This goal is accomplished primarily through a range of initiatives. These include

  • encouraging staff and faculty to discuss different ideas and issues related to diversity within their departments and administrative units
  • support for faculty research and teaching
  • invitations to speakers to the campus on research related to issues of diversity
  • support for student organizations and their events
  • the work of the A&S College Diversity Committee